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“Mural art enhances the quality of life of a community by helping to define, and formulate responses to social, economic, cultural and social  issues faced by a community. 

In its broadest definition, Public Art inspires community understanding, pride and creativity, and benefits the health and development of individual community life in a connected community culture. Community Art is the thread that ties a community together. ”   - Master Artist & Visionary Michelle Loughery.

Podcast Guest Information

AR:T ROUTE Radio | Talk it to the Wall



Join Master Artist MICHELLE LOUGHERY and Guests as they “TAKE IT TO THE WALL” through conversations about art as placemaking, social change, and so much more.


We are excited to 'Take it to the Wall' with you on AR:T ROUTE Radio! We have provided these highlights and steps to assist you through guest participation.  By agreeing to be interviewed for the podcast you agree to Host Podcaster Michelle Loughery rights of distribution, content, editing, alteration and promotion.


Let's get Started!

 This Guest Podcast Information has been created to support and help guide you through the process.


Next Steps ...

Podcast Guest and Host Podcaster will set a date and time. Currently Podcast interviews are done by phone. Please consider a strong cell service connection and a quiet spot when choosing your location to podcast from.

The 'Podcast Guest Kit '  linked below, will provide you with more information and checklist of information for you to share with us, such as your bio, promotional photo etc. It includes a request for a quote from you and some interview questions.  Please return the required information to us as soon as possible.

Guest promotional material will be shared on an episode page similar to  our past interviews 

Download Podcast Guest Kit here.

Podcast Guest Kit


How to Join Podcast Interview.

  • Podcast Interview time is typically about an hour.

  • Set aside a little extra time.

  • Find a quiet environment to podcast from.

  • To reduce the echo, please do not use the speaker feature on your phone.

  • Set up your phone and turn notifications off, use of headphone or earbuds are highly recommended to reduce echo.


Thank-you for participating in this journey with us!  AR:T ROUTE Radio is hosted on our platform and available on i-Tunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.  Be sure to subscribe and follow!

By agreeing to, and participating in podcast interview, you as the Guest hereby consent to the recording and distribution of reproduction(s) of the Guest's voice and performance, all recorded material are the full copyright of Michelle Loughery, all rights reserved.  

Guests will be social tagged when the episode is launched on  AR:T ROUTE Radio for you share with your audience, family and social media!   

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