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Updated: Jan 20

TAKE IT TO THE WALL.........Wall talk, scaffolding and paint! Stories that are bold and real. See the radio in full colour as you spend time with artists and change makers from around the globe.

This is the place of today and of yesterday. Mural art as all art does, tells places in time and leaves modern cave images that will share the stories of today into tomorrow. Mural art is more than paint on the wall. The art is millions of brush strokes, by art pioneers and visual story tellers. One of the first pioneers of Canadian Mural Art is world renknowned, award winning Master Muralist and Artist Michelle Loughery. Loughery's work broke civic barriers with her Wayfinder Youth ARTWORKS programming, and her dream of a connected global Mural trail. Spend time on her digital scaffolding and hear the secrets of the walls that graced her mural stage.

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See the radio and hear the street art!

BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES! When Walls Talk! Join Master Artist Michelle Loughery and friends, as they bring community mural art to life.

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