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Canadian Sunflowers - A Daughter's Story with guest Anne Sadelain #005

Updated: Jul 6

Michelle Loughery spends time with Anne Sadelain of Edmonton, Alberta on AR:T ROUTE Radio. At 16, Anne Sadelain’s father lied about his age to get into Canada. Five years later, in 1915, he was picked up by police in Vancouver and brought to an internment camp in Morrissey, B.C. Anne is one of the children of the camp survivors and her father; Vasyl (William) Doskoch was a Morrissey internee.

Anne speaks about her father's harsh treatment and what an impact it had on the family to have their father imprisoned in such an unjust fashion. She explains also that Vasyl was eventually moved to a camp at Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario when Morrissey was finally shut down. There he was forced to remain in what only can be described as deliberate post-war slave labour until he was finally released in 1920, 1-2 years after war's end.

Sadelain said, “my father committed no crime and posed no threat to the country. Instead, he was locked up because he was Ukrainian.”

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