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A Signature Artist Michelle Loughery Wayfinder AR:T Project - The Sunflower Project 

THE SUNFLOWER PROJECT on AR:T ROUTE Blue.  The roots of the project use a past and present lens to commemorate the internment plight of all nations in the history of Canada.  A cross country act of connected planting, to shed light on the strength and resilience of all who toiled to build a strong Canadian future. And today we as a collective community invite everyone to plant seeds towards the recovery of Canada. In honour of yesterday, in light of a brighter tomorrow. 

Artist Michelle Loughery - Wayfinder

The Wayfinder Project is the innovation of award winning Master Artist Michelle Loughery.  Michelle is a world renown Canadian Master Artist who has created hundreds of iconic murals and her studio work is sought after by global art collectors. In addition to her obvious talents at producing awe inspiring work, Loughery has developed a unique process that engages and includes community residents-young and old alike. 

Get involved  >> the Wayfinder Challenge 

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